Planned Parenthood Training Videos

The International Planned Parenthood Federation on their “Abortion is Healthcare” webpage points viewers to a free online medical abortion training designed for healthcare workers, including physicians, midwives, pharmacists, medical students, and community health workers to then pass along to women seeking medical abortion (see screenshot below).

The videos below instruct abortion pill providers to encourage women who have complications from taking the abortion pill to lie to emergency room doctors about taking the abortion pill.

Video 1: How to Support A Medical Abortion

At 1:16 they recommend that women deliberately avoid taking misoprostol vaginally so medical professionals cannot detect the use of misoprostol. “The misoprostol can also be placed in the vagina, but this is not recommended in places where women can be prosecuted for having an abortion, as fragments of the pills may remain in the vagina and could be found by healthcare providers.”
Full video can be found here: How To Support a Medical Abortion | Lesson 5 on Vimeo

Video 2: Types of Medicines for Abortion

The video falsely proclaims the complication rates from abortion pills are less than 1%. However, in the next video you will see how they intentionally mask complication rates.
Full video can be found here: Type of Medicines For Abortion | Lesson 2 on Vimeo

Video 3: Side Effects and Medical Abortion Complications

In this video, they do not speak about the lethal threat ectopic pregnancy imposes and even downplay it. At 1:30 they advise women not to disclose that they took abortion pills but rather say she is having a miscarriage. “It is important that every woman knows that if she does need to seek medical care she does not need to say that she used abortion pills if she does not want to. She can simply say she is having a miscarriage, and she should receive the appropriate care.”
Full video can be found here: Side Effects and Medical Abortion Complications | Lesson 6 on Vimeo