Abortion Myths

The abortion industry has infested the culture using convincing rhetoric in order to advance the culture of death. The good news is, we’re also experts in rhetoric and we have the tools to defeat their deceit and declare the truth. Discover the truth by checking out these resources from some of our friends in the Pro-Life Movement.

Pro-Life Apologetics

Many pro-life Americans find themselves wrestling with the idea of accepting abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger. Abortion advocates have used this vulnerability to pass pro-abortion legislation which has only compounded the culture of death and led to an even greater loss of life.

In Vitae’s very first research study, we learned that arguing the legality of abortion will be opposed by all pro-choice and some Pro-Life supporters. The way to change the culture is to influence the heart to that point that abortion is unthinkable.

Abortion Pill Information

In 2022, Vitae Foundation conducted a research study specific to abortion pills (also known as chemical abortion, medication abortion or RU-486) where we discovered that many women who had taken abortion pills were not provided informed consent and were left to deal with the physical, mental, and spiritual trauma alone.

We must spread truth in our culture in order to protect women and the most vulnerable members of our society, preborn babies, from the firm grip of the abortion industry which will sacrifice their lives for profit.

Abortion Pill Reversal Information

Vitae Foundation collaborated with Heartbeat International to conduct a research study exploring why women choose Abortion Pill Reversal. In a previous research study about the abortion pill, we learned that many women were uncomfortable with the abortion pill reversal regimen for fear that it would cause their child to have birth defects (which is not true).

Resources for Churches

Common reasons (and solutions) why pastors are afraid to preach on abortion

The most common reasons pastors give for not preaching about abortion

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In-person and Virtual trainings are available for churches, counselors, and individuals who seek to help those facing reproductive loss due to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, or adoption. Home – Reproductive Loss Network

MLD equips your church to establish a team to walk alongside women and men facing pregnancy decisions and to build a unified, holistic, kingdom response to abortion.
Discipleship Training | Enroll Today | Making Life Disciples

Churches for Life equips and engages churches in the life arena. Churches for Life | Workshop Recordings (getintolife.org)

Bible Studies

Courageously Pro-Life Bible Study
Equipping Believers to Transform our World. This material is designed with the pro-life church in mind. This curriculum takes adult believers (it can also be used for teens) in a Sunday school, small group, or Bible study on a 12-week journey through:

    • The Biblical basis of the sanctity of human life
    • The history of and current state of abortion
    • Eugenics’ impact on our culture today
    • The rising threat of euthanasia
    • Apologetics
    • Teaching the next generation
    • Discussing the tough cases
    • Personal and community responsibility.

This study provides easy-to-teach material that will allow your congregation/parish to grapple with tough topics using Biblical foundations and well-researched historical information. Each lesson begins with Scripture and ends with prayer, and each week will challenge your congregation/parish to become more courageously pro-life.
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The Hormone Genius Podcast
Co-hosts Jamie Rathjen and Teresa Kenney desire to be a voice of hope for women across the world. Their mission is to inspire a new generation of women who are educated and informed about the gift and beauty of the feminine design. This is a generation of women who deserve a holistic approach to women’s healthcare.
Energetic and unapologetically Pro-Life, UnAborted with Seth Gruber brings you content and commentary from the front lines of the abortion wars and translates pro-abortion rhetoric into reality.
Politely Rude
Hosted by pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, Politely Rude offers a powerful exploration of the abortion issue.
The Beat Goes on
The Beat Goes On will help you understand the pro-life position and other issues surrounding it, navigate difficult conversations, and stay up to date on the latest pro-life news and legislation.
The Natural Womanhood Podcast
The Natural Womanhood Podcast brings together experts in the field of fertility awareness for candid, informative, and friendly conversations about authentic women’s health.
The Post-Roe Review
This limited-series podcast from AAPLOG, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, presents a science-based defense of the pro-life perspective and reviews the history of abortion in this country.
The Post-Roe Review: A Limited Series Podcast – Prolife OBGYNS – AAPLOG – American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Catholic Resources
Evangelical Resources

Facts and Statistical Reports

Americans’ Opinions on Abortion (January 2023)

Public Opinion on Abortion (May 2022)

Reasons for abortion (August 2022)

General Abortion Facts – (date unknown)

Historical abortion trends (Updated 2022)

Legal abortions in 2020 (January 2023)

Unintended pregnancy and abortion worldwide (March 2022)

Reported number of legal abortions (November 2022)

Printable Fact Sheets

Surgical Abortion


Abortion laws by state

Model pro-life legislation and guides

NRL federal and state legislation tracker

Pro-life court case victories