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Resource locator for students.

If you have immediate needs that cannot be served by pregnancy centers text LoveLine 24/7/365 at 888-550-1588 or visit

Find pregnancy, mental health, material, legal, or medical assistance in your area.

Find a Care Net affiliated pregnancy center near you or call their hotline at 866-345-1904.


Have you taken the first dose of the abortion pill?

Do you regret your decision and wish you could
reverse the effects of the abortion pill?

Learn how to talk to her about her unexpected pregnancy

Over the past 30 years, Vitae Foundation’s research led us to employ the #ProWomanApproach which after thorough testing has been determined to be the most effective way to communicate with a woman who be vulnerable to abortion.

Are you a pregnancy center?

Verified Pregnancy Centers can join Vitae Vault to be a part of a community of pregnancy centers across the world that can unite under the same mission, to empower women to choose life. Vitae Vault provides research-backed strategies to help centers reach more women with services, increase confidence, and allow more time to focus on their needs.


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