Death by Delivery

Abortion advocates will go to great lengths to promote the culture of death.

A non-profit out of Minnesota, Just the Pill, has made it their mission to deliver dangerous abortion pills to vulnerable women in the center of the country. Initially, they acted as a brick-and-mortar dispensary for abortion pills, but recently expanded their “services” to include delivery.

In a recent interview, “Medical” Director for Just the Pill Julie Amaon justified her motivation to deliver dangerous abortion pills. “[When I worked at Planned Parenthood] we were always getting calls from patients at the clinic asking, ‘Do I really have to come in for this?’ Or comments like, ‘I don’t need counseling, can I just pick up my pills?’”
Vitae’s research study Saving Grace revealed that abortion-determined women seek out providers that guide them away from feelings of guilt and judgment and into a world of acceptance, in order to “regain control” of their situation. The emotional permission Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities provide protects the woman from being severely affected by her emotions.

This explains why women are eager to skip the face-to-face office visit, and just pick up the pills to complete the abortion from their home.

Just the Pill recognizes this vulnerability, and none the less stands ready to exploit women for financial gain leaving them alone as they suffer the physical and emotional trauma caused by abortion. They completely fail to acknowledge and prepare the woman for the tragic loss of life of her baby and gradual destruction of her own life.

The company admits to renting a van and traveling across the state of Minnesota to deliver the abortion pill regimen. In another quote from the same interview, Amaon said “Our executive director and I are working on new mobile clinics that will hopefully be going to Colorado to help Texans so that they can come over the border to have a telehealth visit and pick up the pills.”

On the company’s Instagram page, they posted a photo attempting to glamorize their death delivery vehicle with the caption “It’s not a road trip if you don’t stop at a roadside attraction! Check out our Medical Director posing in front of the Giant Corn Gazebo in Olivia, MN on our recent service run. We have been seeing all sorts of Minnesota treasures as we travel across the state in our mobile clinic to provide medication abortions to rural residents.”

They spoke about expanding their “services” to include first trimester surgical abortions done out of RVs parked along the borders of pro-life states.


The follow-up, as you can imagine, after the abortion takes place is minimal. Actually, only four questions by phone, email, or even text. “Did you feel like you bled as much or heavier than a period? Do you feel like you passed tissue and clots and that the pregnancy has passed? Are your pregnancy symptoms gone? And is your bleeding and cramping better?”

Man standing in front of gazebo with a giant corn on top

Since when was taking the word of a patient considered a “safe medical practice”?

As abortion pills continue to rise in popularity, and “healthcare” safety regulations are ignored, women will continue to fall victim to the culture of death, along with the precious life of her preborn child.

Vitae Foundation possesses the research to be able to reach these women with truth in their time of need. We can empower women to choose life, no matter the circumstances she faces. As a community, we can uphold her and support her when she needs us most.

We will continue to declare truth so that we can stamp out the culture of death and accomplish our mission to build a future where abortion is unthinkable.