Abstract of Ready for Responsibility? Abortion and Emerging Adults (2003)


This study investigates the following objectives 1) to better understand the psychological process that drives young people to change or retain their attitudes and feelings about abortion as they move into adulthood and 2) to reduce the frequency of abortion decisions among adults by using strategic communication strategies to simultaneously change the culture and reinforce the sanctity of life. 


One-on-one interviewing was used to more effectively uncover subconscious emotional motivators that affect decisions about abortion. This method uniquely exposes the motivating factors of behavior, rather than a mere sample of their opinions. This method of qualitative research was conducted with a group of 80 participants. A large sampling was not needed as the findings can be generally applied to others who are emotionally similar. 


Emerging adults’ feelings about abortion cannot be treated as the feelings of children on abortion or the feelings of adults on abortion. Emerging adults are a category of their own with thirteen possible dimensions measuring their positions on abortion. Great care should be taken to develop a multi-faceted approach to more effectively communicate with each and all dimensions. 

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